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The family of John Stentiford and Elizabeth Pike


September 6th 2005:

During last week, our Domain Hosting Service experienced technical problems which took off line. This meant that, for the first time in nearly four years, we were not able to upload the new Issue on the last day of the month. Normal service has now been resumed.

Should such a thing happen again, we would ask all readers to keep a note  of our alternative web address - - which will be operative from 30th September 2005 via a different source.


Another Issue based on a single family for September. This time, it is the turn of a family from Zeal Monachorum - the family of John Stentiford and his wife Elizabeth Pike.

These names have appeared in many Stentiford family trees - sometimes in the right place, sometimes not. Sadly, it is an impossible task to create a Devon - based family history by using the IGI. Only when Devon Family History Society's present project, aimed at supplying all the missing pieces of the puzzle is complete, will there be an opportunity to make correct decisions about family members within the County. Even then, there will be gaps. Some Devon parish records have gone for ever, lost in time; others have had pages torn out in an attempt to hide information contained on them by people who did not know of the existence of Bishop's Transcripts. As if that wasn't enough to contend with, there was the great wave of religious non-conformism which swept  into Devon from Cornwall propelled by John Wesley, bringing informal baptism at home instead of the formal, documented entry into the Church in front of a congregation. 

So, in writing about this particular family, at no time has any reference been made to the IGI. The result has been the shaking of several family trees. There will be emails!


Keep in touch,

Muriel and Richard


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The family of John Stentiford and Elizabeth Pike


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